Thursday, March 29, 2007

Welcome to Misión Riley!

Misión Riley is a blog created to allow the sequential publication, (and rss notification,) of audio/video files related to the William Patterson University learning tour of Venezuela in March 2007. It is a small contribution to the fight against illiteracy about Venezuela.

Eventually, it could develop and morph into fulfilling a larger or better defined mission, depending on the wishes and commitments of participants.

Comments are welcome and so is additional material relating to Venezuela.

Offensive, gratuitous and commercial comments will be removed. Comments of value will be integrated as entries.

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Edna said...

I thought that the saga of the "Saint Patricio" brigade was very poignant,and unfortunately little known.

Although,there are many dis-simularities when comparing these events to the International Brigades that went to Spain 1936-1939 to fight against fascism,the common thread seems to be a motivation on the part of those who fought for their principles and ideals.

Alvin A. Meyer